Are We Right For you?

We build and manage diversified equity and fixed income strategies which are suitable for clients of varying age, risk tolerance, objectives and liquidity. All strategies revolve around the selection of securities based on our research and analysis of individual companies, industries, and long-term social, demographic and economic trends. By contrast, an increasing number of firms pursue market-exposure based strategies --- asset allocation models using "bundled" securities such as ETF's or other structured synthetic securities; such models tend to be built on backward-looking analysis and may involve risks that are less clear than for individual securities. Our approach is based on certain beliefs:  

  • Using primarily individual, unbundled securities is an important aspect of controlling risk and achieving the best potential return for a given level of risk. 
  • As an equity investor, understanding your risk tolerance in advance is essential because individual stocks and equity account values can fluctuate substantially as prices react or over-react to temporary changes in the business and economic outlook, and to intangibles such as market confidence, investor perception and emotional bias. 
  • Over a long period of time, intangibles have minimal impact while investment returns primarily reflect the success and value of the underlying businesses in relation to purchase price. 
  • Owning businesses that are managed for the long-term financial success of their shareholders, are competitively well-positioned in their industry and provide products and services for which demand is sustainable and growing is an enduring strategy to achieve long-term investment results.